Paid Targeting


To reach the most relevant audience, utilize hyper-focused campaigns. Qualify more prospects.

Paid advertising is a combination of science and creativity in which OPTIWIZ thrives.

45% of rapidly expanding firms rely on paid campaigns, so don't be surprised by that information. Yes, it is correct.

An in-depth knowledge of your industry and competitors is necessary for effective pay-per-click marketing.

You can’t just throw money at Google or Facebook ads without a strategy or target demographic in mind.

Avoid being overwhelmed.

You can make the complicated world of sponsored advertising simpler with OPTIWIZ.

Leap out on faith and evaluate the results for yourself.

Our scope of


Generate qualified website traffic through top-performing PPC strategies that are optimized for conversions.

Prospect targeting

Understanding your target accounts helps us zero in on the people and organizations you want to sell to. It enables us to narrow down the audience for the platform we’re advertising on.

Content development

Our copywriters brainstorm, conceptualize and write ad copies that convert. We need your involvement to ensure the brand voice stays intact. We also deliver design services, if needed.

Inbound sales pipeline

Bridge the gap between sales and marketing with consistent engagement and also save valuable sales resources. Keep your campaign funnels bottleneck-free and performance-driven.

Campaign performance tracking

We carefully measure and assess every aspect of the paid campaign to ensure maximum conversions. Receive fortnightly and monthly reports from us to see how your ad budget is spent.

Notification about leads

Your dedicated account executive will update you if a prospect shows interest in you through an ad. At this point, we remove ourselves from the equation and hand over the reins to you.

Benefit from our


Risk-free onboarding

Before we execute any campaign, we onboard you properly because we want you to feel 100% confident in our approach. We share your entrepreneurial spirit and take your growth seriously.

Qualified people

Our network of virtual sales experts deliver a steady flow of ideal customers right to your calendars. Always have the support of relevant people by your side. We’re focused on scaling your outreach.

Goal accomplishment

Don’t fret about vanity metrics. Focus more on achieving your KPIs. We help exceed your targets on all platforms. Partner with us at a fraction of what our competitors charge. No, seriously!


We use a combination of market research, lead-gen, project management, and sales tools for greater efficiency at work. Hey - we are very handy and savvy when it comes to managing tools.

Number speak Volumes

We treat every interaction with prospects as a golen opportunity to build trust and spark conversation.

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