Install Base Targeting

Install Base Targeting Services

Studying the database of customers who have used one or more of your products, as well as looking at the install bases of competitors, partners, and complementary goods and services, can give you new insights into buyer characteristics and preferences. Cross-selling, up-selling, and customer conversion opportunities may arise as a result.

Products Tracked

Thanks to our audience, we can keep track of more than 8000 different install bases. Both the hardware and software industries have them. Because of the partner network we have established to match these install bases to our audience, we are able to carry out very effective install base campaigns. Unlike most suppliers, we verify these install bases by determining each prospect’s affinity, technology, account technology landscape, etc. As a result, your install base campaign is generally pretty accurate.

Competitive Campaign Design

We collaborate with you to develop more effective counter- or supplementary campaigns. Tell us about your products, and we’ll create campaigns based on their attributes and ability to outperform competitors’ offerings. Because we know the demographics of our target audience, we can create more effective advertisements.

Growing partner network

Several install base data providers have emerged as a result of the development of natural engine processing. However, just a few of them are more precise. To maximize client ROI, we make care to manually check the quality of these data, choose the best partners, and run better campaigns.

The top 3 benefits of Install Base Targeting

  • aids in gathering information on what existing customers think of your products and services and what they are likely to purchase next.
  • Assists your existing customers in getting the most out of your product and increases customer loyalty
  • Increases revenue through upselling, cross-selling, and referrals.