Human Resources & Recruitment Services

  • HR employees handle staffing, compensation, development, health and safety, and labor and employee relations. These roles are consistent whether you hire in-house HR employees or outsource your HR.
  • It’s time to hire HR if your business roles are becoming specialized, your company is growing, or your time would be better spent on revenue than HR tasks.
  • Outsourcing HR can give you access to a broader range of expertise. Keeping HR in-house can lead to better employee relationships with the department and help you retain control. 
  • This article is for small business owners determining whether to hire in-house HR staff or outsource their HR.

Managing employees, and navigating the labyrinthian regulations that come with the task, is time-consuming and difficult. Hiring new employees, managing payroll, fielding complaints and ensuring legal compliance are essential human resources roles. Each of those tasks is a challenge to balance. What’s a business owner to do when they are already focused on growing the business and running day-to-day operations?

For young or very small businesses, you can always handle HR yourself or outsource those tasks to a third-party company. However, at what point does it become necessary to hire a full-time, in-house staff member for human resources? 

We’ll explore HR functions, when to bring in dedicated HR staff, and how to tell if in-house or outsourced HR is right for your company. 

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