‘Done-for-you’, Linkedin Lead Generation From $799/m

Establish a systematic connection with your ideal clients to connect and close business deals on the professional networking channel.

Encourage social expansion

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LinkedIn is arguably the world's largest business directory.

No other platform allows you the freedom to precisely target your professional audience.

Why not utilize it to the fullest?

Unfortunately, sending generic messages to a large list and subsequently being tagged as spam is a common mistake most sales reps do with LinkedIn outreach.

That can be changed — with OPTIWIZ.

We handle the tedious LinkedIn sales outreach on your behalf and automatically contact thousands of prospects.

Our scope of


There are many things we can do for you when it comes to B2B LinkedIn lead generation, including:

LinkedIn demand generation

Let’s establish your awareness amongst your prospects and educate them on the problem you can solve through targeted and no-nonsense LinkedIn messaging over a period of time.

LinkedIn lead generation

From targeting cold audiences to nurturing existing customers or past website visitors to testing new markets and retargeting campaigns — there’s so much to do on LinkedIn impactfully.

LinkedIn Ads strategy

Run targeted LinkedIn ads to hyper-focused audiences, segmented based on industry, job title, current employment, geography, age, and more. Nudge them to take action.

LinkedIn Appointment Setting That DELIVER RESULTS

A dedicated account executive will log in to your profile and company page with your login credentials using proprietary VPNs to mirror your location.
Using Sales Navigator, our experts will build prospect lists based on the information you share with us regarding your ideal clients. It’s simple!
We will devise and execute a messaging sequence — from a connection request that converts to an engaging welcome message to non-spammy follow-ups.
We carefully measure and assess every aspect of the LinkedIn campaign to ensure maximum conversions are achieved. We want to power up your sales efforts fruitfully.
Your dedicated account executive will update you if a prospect decides to move forward with you. At this point, we remove ourselves from the equation and hand over the reins to you.
Access to your LinkedIn account
Find your ideal clients
Run multi-messaging campaigns
Track campaign performance
Notifying you of prospects

Benefit from our


Don’t fret about vanity metrics. Focus more on achieving your KPIs. We help exceed your targets on LinkedIn.

Let experts optimize your profile for maximum impact. We frame your updates and promotions as educational content.

We use Sales Navigator to find consumers who need your product or service. Our SDR team does manual outreach.

Between daily email notifications from new prospects and access to LinkedIn campaign dashboard, never miss a detail.

Execute a custom-made process to send unlimited InMails to decision-makers on the platform. Boost your chances to sell.

Arrive at scalable, repeatable, and measurable results from a well-orchestrated LinkedIn strategy.